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 After having spent over 40 years in the Hotel industry its hardly surprising that this is one of the professions I specialise in.

Whether its a Hotel, Restaurant, Inn or Pub I can improve your monthly revenue and profits without having to spend alot of money. I have tailor made this system and you really will be amazed by the results.

Most Hoteliers and Publicans don’t have the time to sit down at a computer and put together an active Marketing plan. Too many hours and not enough time….I understand and I can empathise. Thats where I can do all of this for you with just a little bit of time from yourself to help push things along.

This system does work and is working for other Hoteliers as we speak. Contact me for a free consultation or as its a no brainer, you can sign up NOW and we can start improving your business TODAY!

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Emarketing Scotland Can Offer All Of The Services Below Or You Can Cherrypick For Whats Right For Your Business

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Ideally Suited For Start Ups And Small/Medium Sized Business

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Email Marketing

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We Can Create a Meaningful Database Local To Your Business

Website Builders

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A Cost Effective Site For Your Business

Logo Design

A Cost Effective Service

Numerous Options To Look At

Social Media

Create An Ongoing Plan

Easy & Productive

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